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Goa, the hub of tourism in India, the destination of all vagabonds seeking the beach delight and vibrant nightlife, it is only Goa. The idyllic blend of traditional and modern facets of Indian life, Goa is the ultimate destination for a lively vacation. Not just an urbanized state with a vibrant nightlife and lively culture Goa is also a naturalist’s haven. It’s plush landscape, windy palms, sun-kissed beaches, the adjacent Arabian Sea tapping on its shores; Goa is the place to be. The tiniest state among all the 28 states of India, Goa packs in a lot as compared to its tiny size.

Since the sixties, tourism in Goa has been consistent and it used to be the Hippie haven during the hippie revolution which is why it still holds the bohemian charm in the electro-world. Earlier a Portugal colony, Goa’s architecture is reminiscent of the colonial era with its gothic synagogues, catholic churches remarked as historical sites now, the widely known one being the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Among others is the Mary Immaculate Conception, St. Anne Church, Reis Magos Church, Church of St. Augustine, Church of St. Francis etc.

The beaches in Goa are one of the finest in the world and are an absolute delight for beach lovers. Stroll down the Anjuna beach and experience the flea markets and Trance parties. Nearby is the Chapora Fort that offers magnificent view of the cavernous blue Sea and the Albuquerque Mansion offer an astounding anthology of the Portugal Era in Goa. Another not to be missed beach is the Calangute beach, called the most commercialized beach also the most favorite among the tourists for the shops and eating spots that are lined up there. For water sports enthusiasts, Candolim beach must be the ideal location for the various facilities that it provides for Parasailing and paragliding, water skiing, surfing etc.

Some other must visits in your Goa tour are Baga Beach, Vagator Beach, Bambolim Beach etc. Goa’s exotic beaches and its energetic nightlife is a crowd puller but there is more to goa and it is the Goa spice plantations, walk down following the intoxicating spice fragrance in the rural side of Goa. The state of Ferry and Feni is also the festival heaven, Goa Carnival almost 500 years old being the most vivacious on. Goa tourism has seen a spurt since last few decades and Goa is no more the Hippie hideout, instead it’s now a wonderful holiday spot worth a shot. Go Goa and lose yourself into the trance like a true vagabond and savor the Goan bliss.

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